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Ebola Was Eliminated from Liberia. Now It’s Back.

A fifteen-year-old boy named Nathan Groote, died of Ebola in Liberia today. It’s the first Ebola death in the country since July. In addition to a tragedy for Groote and his family, this is an unfortunate sign. Ebola isn’t going anywhere. We can bolster...
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Scotland Welcomes Syrian Refugees

  Last Tuesday the Scottish public woke up to a message on the front page of The National  — ‘To the first refugees fleeing war-torn Syria who will at arrive at Glasgow Airport today, we’d just like to say: Welcome to...
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A Disgusting Fact about Toilets

  Picture an enemy that almost exclusively kills children. Well, sometimes it kills children. Sometimes it just maims them by depriving them of nutrition, damaging their brains, and keeping them from growing to their full height. This enemy kills...


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