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Peace at Last!

A ceasefire between FARC and the Colombian government has been signed, ending 50 years of warfare. “‘May this be the las...


The Race for UN Secretary General

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David Cameron and Ban Ki Moon. Credit: Georgina Coupe/Crown Copyright

Big Implications at the UN for Brexit

In some ways, not much will change at the United Nations for the United Kingdom. It will, for example, remain on the Security Council as a veto-wielding permanent member. And even though it will not formally be a member of the EU voting block, there is nothing...
Fallujah IDP Refugees Iraq

A Hollow Victory in the Battle for Fallujah?

For two years, Fallujah has been occupied by the Islamic State. The city of 300,000 is situated just 40 miles outside of Baghdad. For the past month, Iraqi security forces and allied militias (along with American backing) have mounted a military campaign to ro...


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