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Claudia Rosett’s Last Shot Misses the Mark

I’ve often wondered how Claudia Rosett, the “Journalist in Residence” of the Foundation for Defense of Democracy, will cope with Kofi Annan’s departure. After all, she has earned her name tarring and feathering a man who is about to abandon his pulpit. Once Annan leaves office, those who actually follow her attempts to stir controversy are sure to lose interest. READ MORE

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Attacks Force 71 Aid Staff to Evacuate Darfur Town

DARFUR.jpg “Attacks on Darfur aid workers’ compounds in Gereida town have forced the evacuation of 71 staff and severely restricted humanitarian aid reaching the region’s largest population of war victims, officials said on Wednesday…

U.N. humanitarian coordinator Manuel Aranda Da Silva said in a statement: “How can we be expected to carry out humanitarian work without vehicles to get to camps, phones to communicate and the constant threat to their own physical safety?” More READ MORE

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Annan: UN Should Be Judged By Its Many Good Actions

“In his farewell news conference as the world’s top diplomat, United Secretary-General Kofi Annan today cited the failure to stop the Iraq war as the worst moment of his 10 years in office and made a fervent appeal that the Organization not be judged by the oil-for-food scandal but by its myriad humanitarian and development actions.” More READ MORE

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The Woes of Non-Proliferation

Three separate events this week provide a good case study of the international community’s struggling non-proliferation strategy.

In Washington today, President Bush signed into law the United States-India Peaceful Atomic Energy Act. The bill, passed by Congress before it adjourned for the year, rescinds American prohibitions against civilian nuclear technology exchanges with India. These sanctions had been in place since 1974, when India first detonated a nuclear weapons and officially became an atomic weapons wielding nation.


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Alice Nah: “Towards a World Without Strangers”

“Today, Dec 18, marks International Migrants Day, a day to celebrate the contribution of migrants to our societies, and to promote their rights and fundamental freedoms across the world.

In 2006, there has been increasing attention on the phenomena of international migration. In September this year, the UN facilitated high-level dialogues amongst its member states to discuss the multi-dimensional aspects of international migration. Their focus was on how benefits could be maximised and negative impacts minimised as people continue to cross international borders.” More READ MORE

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North Korea Demands End to Sanctions

BBC News: “North Korea says it will not consider halting its nuclear program unless UN sanctions imposed after it tested a nuclear device in October are lifted.

The condition was part of the North’s tough opening statement as six-nation talks on the issue resumed in Beijing after a one-year suspension.” READ MORE

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