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New Mission to East Timor

Unrest in Dili. © UNHCR/S.Martins

“The international community should not have pulled out of East Timor so quickly, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said yesterday. Mr Annan earlier announced plans for a major new mission to the troubled nation. READ MORE

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The American Enterprise Misleads

Crunching numbers provided by the State Department’s annual report on voting patterns in the United Nations, Fred Gedrich concludes that General Assembly member states vote against the United States 75% of the time. So doing, he argues that this voting pattern evidences a chronic anti-Americanism at the United Nations. Alas, he fails to impart a rather significant disclaimer to that figure: it does not include resolutions reached by consensus. READ MORE

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Irresponsible Punditry

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review devotes Sunday editorial space to Mark Malloch Brown’s so-called “hissy-fit” last week. Though the irony is probably lost on the Tribune’s editorial board, their brief exposition is Malloch Brown’s thoughtful critique of US-UN relations made manifest.

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Media Matters: Limbaugh and Fox News Attack Mark Malloch Brown

Media Matters: “In response to recent remarks by Mark Malloch Brown, the deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, who criticized “U.S. administrations of both parties” for allowing the U.N.’s “loudest detractors, such as Rush Limbaugh and Fox News,” to define the international organization for the “U.S. heartland,” Limbaugh and various other Fox News media figures smeared Brown, referring to him, in turn, as a “pointy-headed, elitist liberal” and “a phony.” READ MORE

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UN Seeks Funds For East Timorese Refugees

The United Nations is launching a global appeal for funds to support 100,000 refugees in East Timor. The number of people displaced from their homes in East Timor’s capital, Dili, is still rising. At least 65,000 people are in camps around Dili while an estimated 35,000 have fled to outer districts, the ABC reports.

The United Nations is launching a flash appeal in New York to raise money to feed and shelter those in the camps for months if needed. The UN Development Program is hoping to raise at least $28 million, and is confident the international community will pitch in. [More] READ MORE

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WaPo Op-Ed: ‘At the UN, Bluster Backfires’

Sebastian Mallaby: “Last month President Bush issued a rare apology. “Saying ‘Bring it on,’ kind of tough talk, you know, that sent the wrong signal,” he confessed. “I think in certain parts of the world it was misinterpreted.”

Well done, Mr. President, you’ve understood that bluster can backfire. Now how about sharing this insight with your ambassador to the United Nations?” READ MORE

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