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UN Talk Radio Day: Dennis King


Continuing UN Talk Radio Day coverage…

As Alan and Kerri are setting up in the corner, Greenfield has got Susan Myers, Executive Director of the UN Foundation’s New York office, on the hook, and Joe Madison is talking to Dennis King, Senior Technical Advisor on Polio Eradication at UNICEF, which has, in partnership with the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, reduced the occurrence of polio worldwide by 99 percent. In fact, only four polio endemic countries remain — Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, and India. Considering that the Initiative has the tools to completely eradicate polio (like the UN did with smallpox in 1977), Madison wanted to know what needs to be done now. King responded that it “needs to be an issue that [local authorities] want to solve.” He continued to say that the virus has been isolated to “very discrete geological and cultural pockets” with “high illiteracy rates” and a populace that is “suspicious of outside initiatives.” Some have suggested that this is fueled by the anti-Western sentiments of some radical imams. The four remaining endemic countries have tough-to-reach pockets of Muslim populations. READ MORE

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UN Talk Radio Day: Susan Myers and Stephan Dujarric

Continuing UN Talk Radio Day coverage…

We now have two shows going on here at once, Sam Greenfield from Air America and Joe Madison, the “Black Eagle,” from WOL in Washington, D.C.

Greenfield is interviewing Stephan Dujarric, Deputy Communications Director of the UN. Dujarric is talking about the broad reach of the United Nations and its demonstrated competency solving challenges with which the public might not always know it’s engaged. Dujarric said, “What people need to realize is that UNICEF is the UN.” He went on to say that we all now face “problems that know no borders, and, unless they are dealt with in a collective matter,” they won’t be solved.

Dujarric, also a former Spokesman for former Secretary-General Kofi Annan, was then asked to compare the current and former SGs. The main difference, he said, is that Kofi Annan spent his life in the UN system (and was the first SG to do so). In contrast, Ban Ki-moon served as the foreign minister of South Korea, which has a “very specific history living under the threat of nuclear annihilation.” New perspectives, he says, are always good for a “dusty old bureaucracy” like the UN.

Madison is talking with Susan Myers, Executive Director of the UN Foundation’s offices in NY, who is discussing the UN Foundation’s story and the Nothing But Nets campaign. READ MORE

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Live from the UN: Talk Radio Day


Today, the UN Foundation, in partnership with Talkers Magazine and Talk Radio News Service, is hosting the second annual “Talk Radio Day at the UN.” Throughout the day, 20 U.S.-based radio show hosts from across the country will air their shows live from the UN headquarters in New York, and UN Dispatch will be here to cover it.

Sam Greenfield from Air America is already broadcasting… READ MORE

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UNAIDS urges wealthy countries to show leadership on AIDS

As top officials from the Group of Eight (G8) gathered in Germany for their summit meeting, UNAIDS urged them to show continued leadership on the issue of HIV/AIDS.

The Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) “urges the G8 leaders to translate their previous commitments on AIDS into tangible action and to ensure that additional pledges on AIDS reinforce and build on existing” and praised the G8 leaders for their “unprecedented commitments.”


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Our own Jessica Valenti will be on The Colbert Report tonight to discuss her new book, Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman’s Guide to Why Feminism Matters. Tune in at 11:30 eastern standard time…and buy her book! READ MORE

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Saying ‘Enough’ to Genocide and Mass Atrocities

by John Prendergast and Julia Spiegel

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