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UNICEF Chief talks shop with the Washington Post

UNICEF Director Ann Venemen sits down for a brief interview with Steve Perlstein of the Washington Post.




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Trudging toward Copenhagen: Leaders express optimism, U.S. promises emissions target

Having scaled back their ambitions for next month’s Copenhagen climate conference, world leaders are working to salvage the effort, and some are optimistic about the prospects for a meaningful step toward a legally binding international climate treaty.

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Winning writing on international development

The winners of the Guardian Newspaper’s International Development Journalism competition have now been chosen. Both winning articles addressed the impact of climate change on water in Africa. Preeti Jha, winner of the professional competition, wrote about water and conflict among pastoralists on Kenya’s Ethiopian border. READ MORE


UN Plaza: The World Health Organization and H1N1

In this edition of UN Plaza, I speak with Gregory Hartl of the World Health Organization about the WHO’s role in combating H1N1, a.k.a swine flu, world wide.



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Women Will Be Hit Hardest By Climate Change

The poorest billion people on the planet contribute only 3% of the global carbon footprint. Those same billion people will also bear the brunt of climate change. Those people tend to be farmers, and they tend to be women.



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U.S. Senate rejects false choice between supporting veterans and UN Funding

Yesterday afternoon the Senate defeated an amendment to the Veterans Affairs funding bill that would have taken money U.S. contributions to UN peacekeeping and other UN programs to offset costs for extended benefits to U.S. Veterans. The amendment, which was sponsored by Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn, was defeated by a 66-32 vote.  Nine Republicans voted to defeat the amendment, and one Democrat (Evan Bayh of Indiana), voted in favor.  


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