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3 Reasons Why Libya Provoked A Stronger International Response than Syria

Syria is in the cross-hairs of the Human Rights Council today after members agreed to an American request for an emergency session on the violent suppression of protests in several Syrian cities.  Three reasons why Libya provoked a more unanimous response by the Council than the Syria crackdown.


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Nigel Barker: Less than Royal Weddings

The British actor and model Nigel Barker writes an essay for the UN Foundation’s Girl Up campaign that discusses weddings less picture perfect than William and Kate’s nuptials today.


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Morocco Bombing

At least 14 people are killed.  After watching the inspirational movements for freedom and democracy in north Africa these past five months, an attack like this almost seems like a throwback to an earlier era.


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Post-elections in Nigeria: a mixed picture

ABUJA, Nigeria–After nearly a month-long elections cycle, the verdict on the 2011 parliamentary, presidential, and state governor polls is decidedly mixed.


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Guardian Activate

I’m attending Guardian Activate NYC, a day long forum on technology and social change. follow me at @undispatch and @MarkLGoldberg for updates throughout the day. Hashtag: #activatenyc.


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The UN prepares its post-independence presence in Southern Sudan

The UN Security Council has extended its current peacekeeping mission in Southern Sudan and unanimously adopted a resolution committing to establish a “successor mission” in the soon-to-be-independent Republic of South Sudan.


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