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Palestine; Syria; The SC; World AIDS Day; Next week at the UN

Palestine: After the adoption of the resolution granting Palestine non-member observer state status yesterday, the SG stated that the vote “underscores the urgency of a resumption of meaningful negotiations” and urges both Israel and Palestine to renew their commitment to a negotiated peace.


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HIV is the Future of Global Health

If we can’t win against HIV, we can’t win against anything. HIV is the disease we have a chance at. The choices we make about HIV are the easiest global health choices we get. Let’s not screw them up.


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Canadian Lawmakers Defeat Bill To Provide Generic Drugs To Developing World

Canadian lawmakers defeated a bill that would have made it easier for generic drug makers to produce and sell to developing countries. What gives?


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US Senators Threaten Retaliation Against Palestinian UN Bid

On Capitol Hill yesterday, members of congress were weighing their response. What emerged were two proposed pieces of legislation that could punish the Palestinians–and even the UN–for yesterday’s vote.


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Can we end AIDS?

We have the tools, right now, to bring an end to AIDS. The only question is whether we’re willing to pay for them. ONE says we can end HIV. If we have the will to do it.


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Top of the Morning: Some Good News on World AIDS Day

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day. Top stories from DAWNS Digest


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