The House Foreign Affairs Committee are trying to cut American financial contributions to the United Nations. Republicans who are championing this measure say it is a way to help balance the books. In reality, American dues payments to the United Nations amount to a tiny fraction of the overall budget. But even for that small investment, the United States gets a lot back in return.

  • Cameronpoulter

    Why am I not surprised

  • Dragosine

    It’s great and is and yet another example of why we should stop all wars and work towards global solutions to the earth’s challenges.

  • rachel smith

    Off the top of my head, I think the United States taxpayers paid $20 billion to air condition various outlets in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Not sure if that’s an annual figure or since the wars started) That’s around 40 times as much as our share of the UN expenses.

    Critics of the location and operating expenses of the United Nations should take a look at this infographic. Thanks for compiling it.

  • Ozcan

    UN plays a key role around the Globe. US must continue their support and continue to support UN .Cutting funds will be a critical mistake especially now the world is in great danger.I dont know any other international body where all the nations participate willingly to work on world issues.