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Ahmad Shuja is a writer, blogger and analyst. He writes primarily about development, security, nation-building, policy, democratization and issues pertaining to the Afghanistan-Pakistan region. He is an assistant editor at Iran Times, a contributor to the Huffington Post, and maintains his personal blog. He has appeared on the BBC, Al-Jazeera English, FOX News, the Kojo Nnamdi Show, TOLO News, Voice of America and other outlets. His day job is with the the Foundation for Afghanistan, a DC- and Kabul-based nonprofit organization that works to build human capacity in Afghanistan. Ahmad tweets at @AhmadShuja

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Syria’s Afghan Refugees Trapped in a Double Crisis

There are 2,000 Afghan refugees in Syria. They are caught in a deadly trap.


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Shia-Hazaras stage a sit-in, refusing to bury the 86 bodies of their loved ones killed in a sectarian attack.

Pakistanis Unite In Protests Against Sectarian Attacks on Hazaras

Thousands of people are protesting across Pakistan in solidarity with families of the 86 victims of two ethno-sectarian attacks in Quetta city who are grieving in sub-zero temperatures and staging a sit-in, refusing to bury the dead unless the government decisively cracks down on terrorists.


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How Sanctions on Iran Hurt Ordinary Afghans

The US and EU sanctions on the Iranian economy, which have taken a hard toll on common Iranians, have also adversely affected Afghans – both in the refugee community in Iran and families in Afghanistan dependent on income from their breadwinners working in the Islamic republic next door.


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Flawed Logic, Bad Policy Underpin Washington Pundits’ Call to “Pick” the Next Afghan President

Voices form Washington should quit calling for the US to “pick the winner” in the next Afghan presidential election.


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Scenes from a Taliban Attack in Afghanistan

Haider, a 50-year-old Afghan who fought against the Soviet invasion but now guards a cell phone tower against insurgents, helped journalists covering a Taliban attack on a hotel in Kabul.


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Iran bans Afghan and Iraqi Refugees from Moving to Regions for Employment

Iran’s National Organization for Educational Testing has banned Afghans, Iraqis and, in some instances, other foreign nationals from residing in certain provinces and enrolling in certain courses of study. The new ban affects Afghan refugees most severely and seems to apply uniformly to immigrants with and without documentation.


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