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Why Cholera in Haiti, Why Now?

Haiti is currently facing its first cholera outbreak in a hundred years. It’s not a surprise, exactly. It was something public health experts have been afraid of since the earthquake. But after nine months, we were starting to hope maybe it wouldn’t happen.

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Water Conflict

So far, we haven’t seen a international water war. We’ve been able to solve water conflicts through economic and diplomatic solutions. I hope  - I really hope - that we can keep that up. But as water gets scarcer, the fights are going to get worse.


The Powerful Pull of Motherhood

Robert Evans won the Nobel prize today for his work in developing in-vitro fertilization. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and it doesn’t always work. On the other end of the technology spectrum, in both Afghanistan and Niger, a pregnant woman stands a 1 in 55 chance of dying as a result.

Irrigation Equipment

The Water We Eat

The Millennium Development Goals can’t cover everything. It’s not so much a flaw in the goals as an unfortunate fact of life. One thing they don’t cover is irrigation water. In about ten years, we’re going to regret that.