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Jaclyn Schiff is a writer and content strategist based in the Washington, D.C., area. Her work — which focuses on media, global health and women — has appeared in several publications, such as Kaiser Health News, The Huffington Post,, NPR, PBS MediaShift and Women’s eNews. She is @J_Schiff on Twitter.

image via flickr from Novartis AG Ampoules containing the cells for vaccine production are stored at minus 170 degree celsius in a tank containing liquid nitrogen. One ampoule with cells is used for the production of one lot of vaccine.

Is “Vaccine Diplomacy” the Right Prescription for the Korean Peninsula?

An op-ed suggesting vaccines could aid diplomacy with North Korea sparks debate among experts.


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Global South Innovation Spotlight: How Grameen Shakti is Delivering Affordable Solar Energy to Clients in Rural Bangladesh

A new series highlighting models of success that are improving lives in the developing world.


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Getting Ready for the London Summit on Family Planning

Wondering what that #FPSummit hashtag is all about?


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emblem of the National School of Tropical Medicine

Why a School of Tropical Medicine is Opening in the USA

A new school opening in Houston, Texas can put the USA on the tropical diseases “map.” Why this matters to global health.


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An American Recounts the Coup In Mali

Earlier this week, just hours after the counter-coup attempt, I spoke with Phil about life in Bamako lately. Phil isn’t an aid exp music ert, he doesn’t work for an NGO and he’s not in the Peace Corps. He’s an industrious American guy who is interested in the world around him (and its music).


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via wikipedia

Does Don Draper Have Tuberculosis?

If you caught the latest episode of “Mad Men” on Sunday night, you saw a feverish Don coughing and spluttering around Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce before leaving the office early to take to bed.


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