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Abyei in Yellow (from Wikipedia)

Get Ready for a Resumption of War in Sudan

On Saturday, the northern Sudanese army invaded the border town of Abyei, rolling tanks through the streets and firing mortar rounds into the United Nations’ compound. The Sudanese Armed Forces took the strategic town of Abyei with little struggle from the south’s Sudan People’s Liberation Army forces stationed in the town.


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Uganda’s Big Man Politics

Spotted in Kampala Uganda: One bright yellow billboard festooned with President Museveni’s face, saying:  “28 rebel movements have been defeated since 1986. Enjoy your peace and make it work for you.”


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Post-elections in Nigeria: a mixed picture

ABUJA, Nigeria–After nearly a month-long elections cycle, the verdict on the 2011 parliamentary, presidential, and state governor polls is decidedly mixed.


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The UN prepares its post-independence presence in Southern Sudan

The UN Security Council has extended its current peacekeeping mission in Southern Sudan and unanimously adopted a resolution committing to establish a “successor mission” in the soon-to-be-independent Republic of South Sudan.


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image from Maggie Fick, taken in Kano, Nigeria

Elections and Violence in Nigeria

Young men and boys took to the streets in several Nigerian cities, determined to protest the emerging results of Saturday’s vote, which–though not yet made official at that time–indicated the victory of “accidental incumbent” president Goodluck Jonathan.


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Scenes From Nigeria’s Elections

KADUNA, Nigeria–The hundreds-strong crowd of young men–the same “ready army” often used by opportunistic Nigerian politicians to rig past elections–tensed, momentarily surged, then broke into rowdy cheers, satisfied with the result of a dispute during the ballot counting process


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