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Penelope is an international affairs and development analyst, with many years of experience in the non-profit sector. Based in Toronto, she currently works for an electoral technology company as Sales Projects Coordinator. In parallel, Penelope is the Director of Program with The Delian Project, an NGO whose mandate is to help jurisdictions implement positive change in the democratic voting process through the application of technology. Previously, she was communications and fundraising for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, and worked with the Clinton Foundation in Vancouver and New York. Born and raised in France, she earned a BA in international relations and political science from Tufts University in 2005, and a MA in international affairs with a focus on conflict and security from Sciences Po Paris in 2007.Penelope is also the founder and director of The Niapele Project, a grassroots NGO working in Liberia.

Kids enjoying a walk in the park in Hyderabad

Happy 25th Birthday, Convention on the Rights of the Child!

A critical treaty reaches an important milestone.


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Michel Kafando

Things Are Looking Good for Burkina Faso

A career diplomat and an army man are the new transitional leaders


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Burkina Faso’s Uncertain Transition

A rocky transition after 30 years of one man rule.


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Blaise Compaore Steps Down

Compaore, out. Army, in.


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by @mamouchkadiop voa Africa is a Country

Why Protesters Have Taken to the Streets of Burkina Faso

Protests are rocking the streets of Ouagadougou


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Developing Story: Canadian Capital Under Attack

A traumatizing day for Canada


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