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Oceans on the Agenda at Rio+20

This nicely animated video from the Pew Environment Group and the Zoological Society of London does a good job of summing up one important part of the conversation in Rio next week: sustaining healthy oceans.

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Can a 6 Minute Speech Change the World…Again?

If you search for "United Nations" in YouTube, the most viewed item is not a speech by President Obama or Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, or a PSA by Ban Ki Moon or UNICEF. Rather, it's a 6 minute address to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, by a 12 year old in 1992.

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How We Should Measure Success at Rio+20 (Podcast)

One month from now, world leaders, civil society activists, businesspeople and diplomats will descend on Rio de Janeiro for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. I speak with Dr. Gustavo da Fonseca of the Global Environment Facility about what we can expect from the meeting and why he is convinced the meeting will be a success.