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UN Week General Debate, Day 1: Who Speaks When?

Though the 67th Session of the UN General Assembly officially opened last week, when most people think of the annual UNGA it's this week that comes to mind. General Debate starts on Tuesday, the time when Heads of State and Government from around the world converge on Turtle Bay to speak their minds.

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5 Stories to Follow During UN Week

Hundreds of world leaders will descend on New York City for the annual opening of the UN General Assembly.  Here are the topics that will drive the agenda at the United Nations this week.

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From the Social Good Summit: If Jan Karski Had Twitter…

In the midst of World War II, Polish Underground member Jan Karski was traveling throughout Europe and to the U.S., trying to convince with political leaders like President Franklin D. Roosevelt to intervene on behalf of Jews being slaughtered in the Holocaust.  No one wanted to help.

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Palestine Seeking Observer Membership Status at UN

The Palestinian Authority is making waves at the United Nations over its status for the second year in a row. The Palestinians may opt to bypass the U.N. Security Council entirely, taking its claim to the General Assembly's 193 Member States.