Last week, I spoke with UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova about the impact that US funding cuts were having on UNESCO programs around the world. Since the US stopped dues payments to UNESCO last fall, she told me her agency has had to cut back on things like Tsunami early warning systems, Holocaust eduction programs, women’s empowerment and literacy and other important work around the world — all because Palestine is now a member.

The Daily Show trained its satirical sites on this irrational, destructive policy and did a masterful job exposing the illogic of America’s funding cuts to UNESCO. It is a must-watch for anyone who has been following this saga.

Part 2

  • Anonymous

    You fail to mention that:

    1. Ms Bokova warned all 194 member states of the possibility that America would suspend its payments to UNESCO if Palestine was admitted as a member state of UNESCO.

    2. America had no other option because of a 20 years old law on its statute books.

    3. Ms Bokova’s warning was ignored when 107 member states voted to admit Palestine to UNESCO

    4. Such vote was unconstitutional for the following reasons:

    (i) 129 votes were needed

    (ii) Palestine is not a state.

    UNESCO’s problems are entirely of its own making. I have suggested a way out involving UNESCO approaching the International Court – but UNESCO even refuses to discuss it with me. 

    UNESCO is slowly but surely stewing in its own juice in continuing to ignore the law.