Next Wednesday marks the one year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake.  In the year since the earthquake, women and girls have faced some critical challenges.  Gender Based Violence is rampant in Haiti’s sprawling tent cities; maternal mortality is still the highest in the western hemisphere; and teenage pregnancies are becoming more and more common.

I speak with Tamara Kreinin, the executive director of women and population at the UN Foundation (disclosure) about some of the challenges facing women and girls in Haiti–and what local groups, the UN and the international community are doing to support reproductive health and female empowerment.  Have a listen and let me know what you think.

Tamara Kreinin Interview by UN Dispatch

  • Prabhata_ray

    Can U tell me Sir girl / women is the powerful part of haiti main streem

  • Vineeta Ganju

    Hi – I have been in touch with Inge Missmahl on the Net & her NGO has been keen to work for psycho-social rehabilitation in Haiti – I am a counsellor by training (India) and have been hoping that it comes through as I would very much like to work with her. Her work in Afghanistan and other areas has been outstanding. It would be a privilege to be associated with her. Vineeta Ganju

  • Nmorley39

    It is disheartening to read that today, almost 1 year after the Earthquake, the people of Haiti are still living in the conditions that they were forced into. I thought that in this, the 21st century, that the Governments of the World wouldn’t allow what took place in the 20th Century to continue. I see I’m wrong, as it’s business as usual when it comes to the poor and the suffering they must endure.