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4 Ways “House Of Cards” Gets the UN Wrong

House of Cards Season 3 made its debut on Netflix last week, bringing everyone's favorite sleazy Washington politician back to our screens for another round of Machiavellian storytelling. This season, Frank Underwood is now President of the United States, and...

Meet a 2015-er: Emilia Saiz

"We have in our membership mayors of over 200 cities which are each bigger than nearly 60 member states!" -- Emilia Saiz   This is the third installment of our "Meet A 2015-er" series that profiles the women and men who are helping to shape the...

The Unfortunately Enduring Legacy of Kony2012

For over twenty years, the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), led by Joseph Kony, has terrorized civilians in its attempt to overthrow the government of Uganda. The group's activities have affected the entire region, as throughout its history, the LRA has...