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Is this the End of Ebola in Liberia?

As schools prepare to re-open on February 2nd in Liberia, following an 8 month hiatus due to the Ebola crisis, the government announced last week that it was down to only five Ebola cases country-wide, according to Deputy Health Minister Tolbert Nyenswah. The...
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A Booster Shot for Humanity

It did not make the front page of the Times, but a meeting in Berlin this week was arguably the single most important thing to happen on the planet yesterday. The occasion was a pledging conference for GAVI--The Global Vaccine Alliance. This is a...

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Ukraine is Very, Very Close to an All Out Civil War

January has been a cruel month for the prospects of peace in Ukraine. As the international community mulls new measures against Russia and continues to debate how to best address the conflict, the fighting has reached new levels of intensity.  The prospects...