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Africa’s largest democracy holds elections tomorrow. President Goodluck Jonathan is facing a tough re-election battle...


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3 Huge Stories to Follow This Weekend

1) Iran Nuke Talks Down to the Wire In Brief: This is arguably the most critical time yet in the complex negotiations that may lead to a diplomatic breakthrough with Iran. Negotiators from the Permanent 5 members of the Security Council plus Germany--the...
he "The Ark of Return" and is designed by Rodney Leon,

See the Newest Statue to Grace the UN Lawn

This statue was unveiled at the United Nations Headquarters today to mark the UN’s International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery. It's called the "The Ark of Return" and is designed by Rodney Leon, a Hatian-American architect. The tagline is...
UN Rainbow flag

A Victory for LGBT Rights at the UN

LGBT rights secured a major bureaucratic victory at the United Nations today when member states overwhelmingly voted down a Russian-backed proposal to curtail benefits afforded to the same-sex spouses of UN staff. The vote failed by a margin of nearly 2:1. 77...