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The Forward Shows Some Love for the UN

The Forward is the oldest American Jewish periodical.  From about the turn of the 19th century to the mid 1980s it published exclusively in Yiddish. Today it has seperate Yiddish and English editions, though circulation of the English edition dwarfs the Yiddishkite

The point is, it's got major street-cred among American Jews.  Natutally, I was very pleased to see this commentary about the United Nations from Jack Rosen, Chairman of the Council of World Jewry, found in the pages of The Forward:

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North Korean Defectors Describes Arms Export

A major South Korean newspaper ran an article today about North Korean arms exports, based on information they received from a North Korean defector. It’s a fascinating view of one of the scariest parts of a frightening economy. North Korea sells everything from small arms to warheads, and it has a whole set of structures set up to support the trade. One highlight “North Korea's main weapons production base is Kanggye General Tractor Plant No. 26”

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Hollywood Stars and Under-Secretaries of State Talk Global Water Issues

Actors, Musicians, ambassadors and under-secretaries of state mingled together in the plush Ben Franklin room at State Department Headquarters last night in a reception to honor a Hollywood Star-Washington, D.C. wonk collaboration known as Summit on the Summit.  The idea, conceived by Ethiopian-born musician Kenna, brought Hollywood stars, PhD's and DC-based advocates on a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness about global water issues.