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Mass Poisoning Kills 400 Children

The UN confirmed reports from NGOs and local activists that at least 400 children have died from lead poisoning related to gold mining in a Nigerian province. Just one more testament to how economic depravity seems to always hit children the hardest.


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The Most Important Thing Happening in All the World Today is Happening Now and You can Watch it Live

It probably won’t draw the same amount of media attention as predicable rants by various global despots, but one gathering today holds more potential to change the lives of millions of the most vulnerable people around the world than any UN meeting in a long time.


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Five Stories to Follow During UN Week

Hundreds of world leaders make their annual pilgrimage to New York for the opening session of the United Nations General Assembly.  This is what is on their agenda.


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How Even the Most Remote Villagers Can Watch the World Cup (Video)

Check this out.  UNICEF erects a giant inflatable television screen in a remote village in Zambia to broadcast the World Cup.



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13-Year Old Yemeni Bride Bleeds to Death

Strong trigger warning

Last week in Yemen, a 13-year old girl was married to a 23-year old in a family-arranged marriage. Four days later, she bled to death from severe injuries. Reports SF Gate:


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Reducing Child Marriage in India

UNICEF just published a success story on female education in India, and it’s inspiring. It profiles thirteen-year-old Arfa Khatun, who refused when her parents tried to commit her to marriage, and her parents accepted that refusal. That’s pretty amazing, especially in West Bengal, where almost half of marriages involve girls under 18.


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