Meet a 2015-er: Richard Fuller

"I think if you add up the number of deaths from air pollution, contaminated sites, and sanitation - these are the three main types of pollution - the total number is 8.9 million...a year. That means one in every seven  people who died, died from exposure to s...
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Map of the Day: Africa’s Health-Environment Nexus

The United Nations Environment Program released a new report on the links between environment and health in Africa. This is a crucial connection to probe: diahhrea, malaria and respiratory infections account for about 60% of the disease burden in Africa, and these three issues are as much environmental as health issues

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Happy Birthday, Clean Cookstove Alliance

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves celebrated its one year anniversary yesterday at a packed reception in mid-town Manhattan.  There were lots of notables in the room, but the real stars were the cookstoves. (Pictures)