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Privatizing Climate Protection?

With comprehensive government action on climate change stalling, the UN climate chief is meeting with business leaders to plot a new way forward.


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ICC Proscutor in DC; State Department Previews UN Week; Jeffrey Sachs on the Line

It will be a busy day of meetings around the Washington, D.C. diplomatic circuit.

1)This morning, the head prosecutor is in Washington, DC for a talk at the Woodrow Wilson Center. Prosecutor Louis Moreno Ocampo will give a talk: “The International Criminal Court and Africa,” which should be interesting because, well, all of the ICC’s open investigations are taking place in Africa.


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How Climate Change and Gender Inequality Go Hand in Hand

While war, poverty, health and a range of other pressing global issues affect women worldwide, climate wouldn’t be one of the first you’d think of. Well, think again.


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Nepal to hold cabinet meeting at base of Everest

First, the Maldives held an underwater cabinet meeting, now the Nepalese government will show the perils of climate change to the Himalayan glaciers by convening the cabinet at 17,500 feet.   


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Barcelona: Last stop before Copenhagen

Ed note: This post is from Abhishek Nayak, who is part of the Indian Youth Delegation to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Abishek recently deferred a semester to work as a researcher and analyst at the India office of New Energy Finance, world’s leading provider of information and analysis in clean technology and carbon markets. He was also part of the founding team of Dhanax ‘s business to introduce retail investment in microcredit. He was a speaker at the FORTUNE Global Forum, 2007 and a student delegate to the 39th St Gallen symposium. READ MORE

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Don’t tell George Will or Dubner or Levitt

In a Washington Post column in February George Will attacked the commonly held scientific consensus on global warming and argued that recent trends actually show that global cooling is occurring.  His argument was swiftly refuted by the very research organization, the University of Illinois Arctic Climate Research Center, from which he drew his data.  Nevertheless, he READ MORE

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