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Barcelona: Last stop before Copenhagen

Ed note: This post is from Abhishek Nayak, who is part of the Indian Youth Delegation to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Abishek recently deferred a semester to work as a researcher and analyst at the India office of New Energy Finance, world's leading provider of information and analysis in clean technology and carbon markets. He was also part of the founding team of Dhanax 's business to introduce retail investment in microcredit. He was a speaker at the FORTUNE Global Forum, 2007 and a student delegate to the 39th St Gallen symposium.

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Don’t tell George Will or Dubner or Levitt

In a Washington Post column in February George Will attacked the commonly held scientific consensus on global warming and argued that recent trends actually show that global cooling is occurring.  His argument was swiftly refuted by the very research organization, the University of Illinois Arctic Climate Research Center, from which he drew his data.  Nevertheless, he

Tim Wirth on taking action on climate change during a recession

UN Foundation chief Tim Wirth cuts a video for the UK foreign office  100 Voices in a 100 days campaign.

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New York Post takes on climate change–not

Thousands of New Yorkers received free copies of a special edition of the New York Post this morning dedicated to the dangers of climate change and the need for robust international action to combat it.  For the unawares, the New York Post is a Murdoch owned-tabloid that tends to scew on the "climate change is myth" side of the spectrum, so I was mighty shocked to see an entire issue dedicated to climate change ahead of the UN climate summit tomorrow. 

The only problem, though, is that it was a spoof.  The Yes Men are responsible. 


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Civil Disobedience

About a year ago, Al Gore urged citizens to take direct action and called for civil disobedience to prevent the construction of new coal-fired power plants. 

It seems that a group of activists in West Virginia are taking this call to heart. Via ItsGettingHotinHere, activists from the group ClimateGroundZero are staging a blockade at the headquarters of coal giant the Massey Energy Company. Four activists, ranging in age from 22 to 81 are blocking the road to Massey Energy headquarters to protest the companies practice of Mountain Top Removal mining, a particularly vile method of mining.  

Daryl Hannah and Climate scientist James Hansen were arrested in a similar protest in West Virginia earlier this summer. 

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Brothers Miliband take the climate show on the road

UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband and his brother, Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband are sounding the alarm that a climate deal in Copenhagen in December may fall apart unless countries get their act together. 

David Miliband told reporters in London that the complexity of negotiations and disputes between industrialized and developing nations over cuts to emissions threaten to scupper a deal.

"The deal the world needs in Copenhagen is now in the balance," he said. "There's a real danger the talks scheduled for December will not reach a positive outcome, and an equal danger in the run-up to Copenhagen that people don't wake up to the danger of failure until it's too late."

Here is David Miliband explaining some of the international security risks of unabated global warming.


That's his brother to the left. The two are taking this presentation to a number of European cities this week and are in the midst of a big media push. All the power to them.


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