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No, Sudan Was Not Elected to “Top Human Rights Body” At the UN

But that’s nonetheless what UN Watch blared as a headline. Here’s what happened.


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A voter casts his vote at a polling station in the city of Travnik during general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 3 October 2010. (OSCE/Jens Eschenbaecher)

Still More Ignorant Commentary About US Election Monitors

Apparently, the Texas attorney general wants to arrest election monitors dispatched by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to observe the election in the USA. This is ignorant. It’s also dangerous.


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An Annotated Explanation of the GOP’s UN Platform

We go point-by-point through the Republican Party’s 2012 platform on the United Nations.


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No, the Arms Trade Treaty STILL is Not a “UN Gun Grab”

Don’t believe groups that say the Arms Trade Treaty is about domestic gun control.


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Proof that the UN Does Not Want to Control Your Internet

A new document shines the light on current proposals for a big international telecom conference in December. There is nothing in there to suggest that the UN will control the Internet.


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Why Diplomacy is the Only Option for Syria

The Washington Post editorial board sneers at the current diplomatic efforts on Syria in a scathing unsigned editorial today. Of course, they do not suggest an alternative solution, other than an amorphous appeal for more “US Leadership.”


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