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What is Agenda 21?

By now, you have probably heard of that nefarious UN plot to install bicycle lanes in your neighborhood and smart meters in your homes. Here’s what Agenda 21 conspiracy theorists are trying to accomplish.


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Bolton V Bolton on Law of the Sea

The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea is one of those international treaties that the United States really ought to ratify.  Heck even John Bolton supports it. Or, at least he did.


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No Chuck Norris, the UN will not Take Your Guns Away

A certain cadre of gun owners and second amendment advocates are unable to be convinced that a proposed UN Arms Trade Treaty has nothing at all to do with their own ability to bear arms.  Chuck Norris pens the latest iteration of this paranoid view in the Politico


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So North Korea is Leading the Conference on Disarmament. So What?

North Korea has assumed the rotating presidency of the United Nations Conference on Disarmament. Yes this looks bad. But worry not. Nothing nefarious will actually come of it.


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Dear Congress, There is Nothing ‘Exciting’ About Cutting Access to Maternal Health Care

Republicans in Congress are running a gimmicky YouCut program in which fans get to vote on what U.S. federal spending they would like to see cut.  Apparently, the UN Population Fund was on this chopping block.


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Progress at the Human Rights Council

The council is not perfect. But it is useful and has provided an important venue for the advancement of human rights. And since the United States joined it has been a demonstrably better institution.


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