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Darfur Getting Worse

Two weeks ago, a UN report confirmed that May was the bloodiest month in Darfur since the United Nations peacekeeping mission deployed in 2007. State sponsored violence, clashes between rebel groups, and regular banditry have resulted in over 400 people killed that month.    

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Two Days After ICC Genocide Warrant, Aid Workers Expelled from Darfur

The last time the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir, in March 2009, Khartoum responded in kind by expelling several aid workers and organizations from Darfur. The expulsion of aid agencies back then had a profoundly deleterious effect on the humanitarian situation in Darfur, in particular for the provision of health services to victims of sexual assault.

Is history repeating?

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What Changes with the Bashir Genocide Warrant and What Stays the Same

The International Criminal Court yesterday issued an arrest warrant for the crime of genocide for Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir.  Now, you might be asking yourself: "wasn't he already under indictment." The answer is yes. But when the prosecutor applied for an arrest warrant in spring 2009, the judges did not sign the warrant for "genocide"--only for war crimes and crimes against humanity.  At the time, the judges ruled there to be insufficient evidence to support a genocide charge.  An appellate chamber reversed that ruling.