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Humanitarian Crisis in N. Uganda Neglected

“The U.N. undersecretary for humanitarian affairs, Jan Egeland, says northern Uganda’s 20-year war, a lethal mix of religion and brutality, is the world’s most neglected humanitarian crisis…. Last month, President Bush blamed the region’s violence on a “barbaric rebel cult.” Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., says Washington should demand “a rapid and organized international response to the humanitarian disaster” in northern Uganda.” [Read more] READ MORE

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New UN Fund to Speed Global Disaster Response

“U.N. Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland asked for the fund after the tsunami, and the General Assembly approved it last December. The idea is to give the world body the ability to quickly send emergency supplies to areas hit by natural disasters and other humanitarian crises, without having to wait for international donors to send checks. READ MORE

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Over 1000 Still Missing in Philippine Landslide

“The United Nations released an emergency grant of P2.6 million and dispatched a disaster assessment and coordination team with medicine and supplies for up to 10,000 people, the Philippine mission at the U.N. said in a statement.” LINK READ MORE

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UN Resumes Quake Relief Flights

CNN: “The United Nations resumed crucial relief flights to earthquake-devastated areas of Pakistan on Wednesday, but the race to save hungry and freezing victims was stymied by new landslides.” READ MORE

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Annan Says Toughest Yet to Come After Tsunami

“The toughest time after last year’s devastating tsunami may be yet to come, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said in a video message broadcast in Banda Aceh on Monday.

“A year on, there has been tremendous progress in many areas. Children are back in school. Epidemics have been prevented. Tens of thousands of survivors are employed in cash-for-work activities,” the secretary-general said. “And yet in some ways, the most challenging days lie ahead.”

“Breadwinners desperately need to regain secure livelihoods, hundreds of thousands of families need to re-establish themselves in permanent homes, and communities need to rebuild.” [More] READ MORE

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Call for More Aid From Rich Nations

“A year of disasters around the world sparked an unprecedented outpouring of aid, but richer nations still are not giving enough money to tackle lingering humanitarian crises, the United Nations’ humanitarian chief says.

Jan Egeland said, for example, that as many people died in Congo every eight months as in last year’s Indian Ocean tsunami.

He also criticised political leaders for failing to take action to end the wars that created humanitarian crises or invest in disaster prevention to ease the impact of earthquakes, hurricanes and floods.

The work of UN and other relief workers in conflict-wracked eastern Congo, in the Darfur region of western Sudan, and in northern Uganda had become “an alibi for lack of political and security action”, Egeland said.” [Emphasis added]

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