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Francois Hollande May Be Struggling at Home. But So What?

The French president pays a visit to Iraq


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Understanding the EU Human Rights Court’s Big Ruling on France’s Headscarf Ban

European Court of Human Rights upholds the French burqa and niqab ban


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Will French Public Opinion Support Intervention in Central African Republic?

Francois Hollande is unpopular. Intervention in CAR is not.


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France Amb to the UN Gerard  Araud

France Takes the Lead on CAR. But this Will Be Much Different than Mali

Like in Mali, France will play an outsized role in the international efforts to bring some stability to the Central … READ MORE

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Will Aid Get a Boost from Europe’s New Financial Transaction Tax?

Several European countries may adapt a new Financial Transaction Tax by January 2014. That could be a big boon for international health and development.


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“La Guerre au Mali”: Why the French Public Supports the Intervention…So Far

In a rare show of national unity, the French are rallying behind President François Hollande’s decision to intervene militarily in the Malian conflict. Here’s a look at the historical and political forces at play.


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