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Why You Should Be Worried about Hurricane Season 2012

Two maps show why the 2012 Hurricane season may be devastating.


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The Greatest Threat in Yemen

A huge humanitarian funding gap imperils hundreds of thousands of children in Yemen.


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The 15 Humanitarian Crises of 2012

The UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, better known as OCHA, released its 2012 Consolidated Appeal Process today, and with it a list of the 15 humanitarian emergencies that it expects will continue through 2012.


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How to Build a Latrine in 51 Seconds

You don’t hear much about the floods that devastated the Sindh province of Pakistan late this summer so I was glad to come across this video from Oxfam USA of the time lapse construction of a latrine.  Check it out.


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Pakistan Floods: The Disaster No One is Talking About

At least 5 million people are affected, nearly 200 people have been killed, 4.2 million acres flooded and 1 million homes destroyed in southern Pakistan. So far, the scale is destruction is not quite as large as last summer’s epic floods, but it is nonetheless a humanitarian emergency.


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World Humanitarian Day – Time to Step Up

It’s time for everyone to be a humanitarian.


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