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Palestine Will Get Upgraded Status at UN. Then What?

Later this month, the Palestinians will ask the UN General Assembly to upgrade their status at the United Nations to become a non-member observer state.  This would put them on the same membership level as the Vatican. It would not change very much about how the UN operates.


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IAEA Report on Iran: What’s Next

The much anticipate bombshell report from the IAEA on Iran’s nuclear activities is out.  The drama now moves to the IAEA Board of Governors which can recommend a course of action to deal with the report’s conclusion that Iran has a robust and ongoing nuclear program despite international prohibitions.


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What Would We Do Without the IAEA?

Wall Street Journal L. Gordon Crovitz blams UN inaction for Iran’s breakout nuclear reported in a bombshell UN report.


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IAEA Report on Iran. Now Imagine What Happens When the USA Leaves the IAEA?

The IAEA’s Board of Governors will soon debate whether or not to refer Iran to the Security Council for possible further sanctions. Soon, however, Palestine will become a member of the IAEA and the USA will be forced to give up its vote on the Board of Governors.


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Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis Facts and Figures

The latest facts and figures on the Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis.


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