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The Foreign Policy Implications of India’s Elections

How Narendra Modi’s victory will change India’s relationship with the world.


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Konnie Huq in Lucknow during the November Immunization days in Northern India..India has been engaged in a campaign to eradicate polio in India which target the high-risk area of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar with polio immunization drives every 2 months. (photo Jean-Marc Giboux) under cc license via flickr

The Human Race Reached a Huge Milestone Today and You Probably Did Not Even Know It

India is three years Polio-free.


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Image via Save the Children India

UN Leaders: Are You Thinking Enough About Gender Equality?

How to rescue the cause of ending gender based violence.


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Not on A-1: Toilets in India, Or Lack Thereof (Video)

Nearly half of India’s 1.2 billion people don’t have access to toilets, especially in rural villages. The lack of sanitation is the cause of one in every ten deaths. With help from the World Bank, the Indian has introduced a sanitation campaign called ‘No Toilet, No Bride’, to educate villagers about proper waste disposal.



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The Terrifying Spread of Resistant Tuberculosis

The struggle to contain TB in India, before it mutates to the harder to treat resistant kind


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After receiving a vaccination during one of the country's bi-monthly campaigns, childrens' fingers are marked with indelible ink. / Lois Parshley

Meet India’s Last Polio Victim

The world’s largest public health campaign is about to enter a new phase.


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