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The UN is Still, Still…Still! Not Trying to Control Your Internet

Let’s all take a deep breath.


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The WCIT Wraps Up Without American Support; The UN Is STILL Not Trying to Take Over Your Internet

The World Conference on International Telecommunications wrapped up today. And guess what? Just as I predicted the UN is not taking over the Internet.  In fact the word “Internet” never even made into the final text–only in an appendix.


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The UN STILL Not Trying to Control Your Internet (But The Wall Street Journal Wants You To Believe Otherwise)

The UN is still not trying to control or censor the Internet, despite what you read in hyperventilating columns.


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5 Places Where Internet Access is REALLY Expensive

In some places, Internet access still comes at a stiff price, for reasons ranging from choking regulations, issues of geography, and the curious mandates of the marketplace. A look at countries where Internet access comes at a premium – often disadvantaging the very people who could benefit most from its use.


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Proof that the UN Does Not Want to Control Your Internet

A new document shines the light on current proposals for a big international telecom conference in December. There is nothing in there to suggest that the UN will control the Internet.


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