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WakaWaka in action 4

Meet the Company That’s Bringing the LED Revolution to the Developing World

They are lighting up the night. Literally.


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Unitaid Charman Philippe Douste-Blazy at a warehouse in Cameroon, stocked with malaria medicine

Why A Global Health Outfit Should Win the Nobel Peace Prize This Year

We need to diversify how we fund the global fight against diseases like Malaria. The term of art for this is “innovative financing for development.”  The UN has a laboratory for this named Unitaid, and they deserve to win a Nobel Peace Prize.


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One Enduring Image of International Human Rights Day

62 years ago today, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration for Human Rights.   Since then, December 10th has become known as international human rights day. And it  is no coincidence that the Nobel Prize decided to hold its awards ceremony for Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo.


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The UN aspect of Obama’s Prize

The Secretary General made the following statement on Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize:

The Secretary-General wholeheartedly congratulates U.S. President Barack Obama on winning the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009.


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The Nobel and the promise of American leadership

As you have probably heard, President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Some are already grumbling that the prize was undeserved because he has few accomplishments on which to base the award.  They are missing the point.

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