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Palestine Seeks to Join UN Treaties and Conventions. What This Means

Mahmoud Abbas applies to join 15 UN treaties and conventions.


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On Richard Falk

L’affair Richard Falk should teach us that engagement works helps make make institutions like the Human Rights Council better, while a policy of blanket hostility backfires.


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Swearing-in Ceremony: - Mr. Jeffrey Feltman  (USG, DPA)

Real Talk from Under Secretary General Jeffrey Feltman

UN Undersecretary General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman spoke in Washington, DC on Friday on the security situation in Africa and the Middle East, including updates on Mali, Somalia, and Syria.


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US Senators Threaten Retaliation Against Palestinian UN Bid

On Capitol Hill yesterday, members of congress were weighing their response. What emerged were two proposed pieces of legislation that could punish the Palestinians–and even the UN–for yesterday’s vote.


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General Assembly Upgrades Palestine’s Status at UN. Now What?

An upgrade from Palestine’s current status at the United Nations will change next to nothing about Palestine’s relationship with the United Nations, neither will it move the International Criminal Court.


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Palestine Will Get Upgraded Status at UN. Then What?

Later this month, the Palestinians will ask the UN General Assembly to upgrade their status at the United Nations to become a non-member observer state.  This would put them on the same membership level as the Vatican. It would not change very much about how the UN operates.


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