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Is Rwanda Getting More Repressive?

I speak with Jina Moore of Buzzfeed


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Lessons of the Rwandan Genocide for the International Community

What humanity can learn


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Rwanda’s Uncertain Path to Reconciliation

The path to healing is incomplete.


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Rwanda is the first country in Africa to introduce HPV vaccines nationwide thanks to a 3 year donation programme. In 2014, Rwanda will be the first country to introduce HPV vaccines into routine immunisation with GAVI support. The 3 dose vaccine are delivered in three rounds by community health workers to adolescent girls all over Rwanda mainly through schools. HPV vaccination is well integrated into community health programmes for women and children. This photo was taken at a school during the third round of HPV vaccines in October 2012  Photo Credit: GAVI/2012/Ryan Youngblood

Want to Stop Cervical Cancer? Look to Rwanda

HPV Vaccination rates are higher in Rwanda than in many wealthy countries.


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Bosco “The Terminator” Ntganda at US Embassy in Rwanda

Rwanda’s foreign minister tweeted that Bosco Ntaganda — a militia leader wanted for war crimes by the ICC — surrendered to the US embassy in Kigali, Rwanda. The US Embassy in Kigali would not confirm nor deny the reports, but told me “we have no authority to take anybody into custody.”


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‘The @CoryBooker of Rwanda’ – The Health Minister Who Solves Problems Tweet-by-Tweet

An innovative health minister in Rwanda is changing the way health statistics are gathered and health care is delivered…by taking her cause to Twitter.


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