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Author of Tech in Emergencies report answers your questions

Q&A with Diane Coyle, co-author of the UN Foundation and Vodafone Foundation report New Technologies in Emergencies and Conflicts.

What key advantages does use of social media and new technologies bring in disasters?


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Mobile spells relief in Palestine


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Satellites to the rescue


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New Tech in Emergencies and Conflicts

I had the distinct pleasure of co-authoring this major new United Nations Foundation & Vodafone Foundation Technology Report with my distinguished colleague Diane Coyle. The report looks at innovation in the use of technology along the time line of crisis response, from emergency preparedness and alerts to recovery and rebuilding.


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Crowdsourcing for emergency preparedness

Having multiple resilient and trustworthy communication networks is a key requirement to be able to assess and react to a crisis, and technological developments offer new exciting opportunities to improve situational awareness, and document crisis information that would otherwise fall behind the horizon of the press and other conventional channels.

During an emergency, established communication channels may fail. One of the most effective channels to rapidly gather information is to tap into the only resource that is always present: the general public.


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On the Saving Edge: New Tech in Disaster Zones

mHealth for DevelopmentA new report by the UN Foundation and Vodafone Foundation has found the intersection between two incredible trends — the sig READ MORE

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