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A displaced Pakistani woman holds her grandson. She was displaced by fighting in North Pakistan. This photo is via UNHCR. Noor/A.Fazzina

The Impossible Suffering of Pakistani Women Displaced by War

Fouzia Bibi, mother of three from Waziristan, Pakistan lost her husband to the Taliban in the beginning of 2014. Six … READ MORE

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8 year old Martin Richard, peacemaker, killed in yesterday's attack

Boston Marathon Bombing Marks a Deadly Week So Far

Three people were killed and over 140 wounded, some gravely, in yesterday’s awful bombing of the Boston Marathon.  Sadly, this does not even rank as the worst terrorist attack this week.


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Scores Killed in Hyderabad, India Blasts

The attack comes at a precarious moment. If this attack–like other major attacks in India in the recent past — can be tied to a Pakistani terror group it may set back someremarkable progress towards detente between India and Pakistan that as been taking place over the past year.


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How the UN Responded to the 9-11 Attacks

After the shock and dust settled on from the September 11, 2001 attacks–which occured just a mile from UN’s Headquarters —  diplomats got down to business to craft a coordinated international response to the assault. The response that came on September 28, 2001 was among the most radical of all UN resolutions ever passed.


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Thailand’s Terrorism Problem

Deadly bombings in Southern Thailand on Saturday killed thirteen people and wounded over 300 in popular tourist and commercial centers. How to understand these attacks.


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Thailand Bombing Vs Thai Tourism Industry

Thailand’s lax immigration policies help tourism, but it also lets in unsavory groups and characters, like the Iranians who blew themselves up last week in Bangkok.


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