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UN Dispatch Podcast: Talking #MDGMomentum With Jeffrey Sachs

Today marks the 1,000 day sprint to the finish of the Millenium Development Goals. I caught up with the economist Jeffrey Sachs of the Earth Institute at Columbia University who was one of the intellectual fathers of the MDGs and a key UN adviser on development issues. We discuss why some goals were reached, and some may not be.


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UN Dispatch Podcast: Talking North Korea with Ambassador Chris Hill

North Korea has grabbed the media’s attention this week with a series of increasingly provocative statements and moves. I caught up with Ambassador Chris Hill, formerly the lead US negotiator on North Korea and currently Dean of the Korbell School at the University of Denver to find out what is behind these latest bluster.


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Podcast: Elections in Kenya. There Will Be Atrocities.

I speak with Naomi Kikoler of the Global Center for the Responsibility to Protect about the prospects for mass atrocity in Kenya and what the international community can do to mitigate the threat.


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UN Dispatch Podcast: Securing the Peace in Mali

The French have made impressive gains on the battlefield in northern Mali, but now comes the hard part. With me to discuss the challenges ahead is Ambassador James Dobbins of RAND.


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UN Dispatch Podcast: How to Accelerate Progress on Women and Children’s Health

With me today is Dr. Tore Godal, a luminary of the global health movement who currently serves in the office of Norway’s Prime Minister. We discuss why it is that progress has been slower on women and children’s health compared to other MDGs, and what is being done to boost progress.


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Health workers in Laos vaccinate against Measles and Rubella, from the Measles Rubella Initiaitve

UN Dispatch Podcast: Winning the Global Fight Against Measles

I caught up with Dr. Robert Kezaala of UNICEF who discusses the new data about measles infections worldwide, what strategies have worked to reduce measles deaths, and what more needs to be done to clear that final hurdle toward total global eradication. Have a listen!


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