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Ex-Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick Dies

Washington Post: “Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, a conservative political scientist who became the first woman to serve as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, died at her home outside Washington late Thursday, colleagues announced today. She was 80.” READ MORE

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John Bolton Resigns as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

“President Bush has accepted the resignation of U.N. Ambassador John Bolton when his recess appointment expires.” LINK READ MORE

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“Tough-Minded New Chief”

“Ban Ki-moon, who will fill Kofi Annan’s shoes at the helm of the United Nations, has been described in the media as “uncharismatic” and a “career diplomat”. But a former colleague believes such criticism could not be further from the truth.” More READ MORE

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Lebanon Backs UN Hariri Tribunal

BBC: “Lebanon’s cabinet has approved draft UN plans for setting up an international tribunal to try suspects in the killing of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Syria has been implicated in the bombing that killed Mr Hariri in February 2005, but denies involvement.” READ MORE

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Midterm Elections and the UN

As Congress prepares to switch majority parties in January, it may be useful to think about how this shift could affect US-UN relations. Initially, perhaps the most identifiable consequence of the election may be that it delivered a death knell to Congressional threats to force United Nations reform by withholding UN dues.

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U.S. Ranked Eighth Best Place to Live

“Norway, Iceland, Australia, Ireland and Sweden rank as the best five countries to live in but Africa’s quality of life has plummeted because of AIDS, said a U.N. report released on Thursday.

The United States was ranked in eighth place, after Canada and Japan, in the report that rates not only per-capita income but also educational levels, health care and life expectancy in measuring a nation’s well-being. READ MORE

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