North Korea has grabbed the media’s attention this week with a series of increasingly hostile statements and maneuvers. This is not exactly new behavior from Pyongyang, but I caught up with Ambassador Chris Hill, formerly the lead US negotiator on North Korea and currently dean of the Korbell School of International Studies at the University of Denver, to get a better sense of why these new provocations seem to be a bit more, well, provocative than usual.

So why is North Korea engaging in this behavior? What animates decision making in Pyongyang? And is this latest round of provocations anything to be particularly worried about?  He answers these questions and more.

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Programming note: Check back tomorrow for a podcast with Jeffrey Sachs to coincide with a day of social media action on the Millennium Development Goals. 

  • Anonymous

    North Korea has just been responding to provocative measures made to display the latest hardware in an attempt to intimidate Pyongyang. The Koreans have been trying to reunite for over 60 years and the US has stood in the way. The North has been seeking a peace treaty and civil treatment from Washington to no avail.
    Their basketball team beat the Harlem Globetrotters, may be that is bugging Obama.