• Matt B

    Time to write some new laws

  • Matt B

    Time to write some new laws and recognize the tide of world public opinion when it comes to Palestine.

  • Jacob

    These laws are from the early 1990s when the Palestinians were still viewed as suspect in terms of coming to an agreement with Israel. That is no longer the case and the US has recognised and praised the job Abbas and the PA have down in bringing security to the region and in estqblishing state institutions neccesary for independence. The US Congress can change these laws and keep the US in their primary role as player in the UN and its various organisations. Or it can continue to be beholden to the AIPAC lobby, its influence, money and organisation which will place the US in the position described in this article and which may please Israel but will certainly not be in the best interests of the US.

    • Peter H. Salus

      Sorry, Jacob.  I’m unconvinced that the current US Congres is capable of changing any laws at all:  I’m pretty certain that the Tea Party would be only too happy to not contribute anything at all to UN agencies.  And the Postal Union and the aeronautics groups aren’t even on their radar screens.  Ignorance and stupidity are rife in DC.

  • Twskenya

    1 step on a dangerous stairway that definately does not lead to heaven.

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