an image that's spreading quickly in turkish social media circles. Via @C0d3Fr0sty

10 Twitter Users to Follow for the Turkey Uprisings

an image that's spreading quickly in turkish social media circles. Via @C0d3Fr0sty

What began as a protest against the redevelopment of a park  in Istanbul has now morphed into country-wide protests against Prime Minister Erdogan.  These protests spread quickly among like-minded Turks thanks in large part to social media, Twitter in particular.

For those if us who don’t speak Turkish, I’ve put together the following list of Twitter users to follow for the events in Turkey. These tweeps are by and large not protestors, but rather are helping to provide context to the events happening in Turkey.

You can hit me up on twitter @MarkLGoldberg to let me know who I have missed.

@ArwaCNN  — Arwa Damon, CNN Reporter. Grew up in Turkey

@Ziya_Meral — A blogger, public intellectual and frequent commentator on Turkish affairs

@DerekStoffelCBC —  Reporter for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Live from Taskim Square

@AaronStein1 — An academic in Istanbul, who blogs at TurkeyWonk

@WashingtonPoint — Ilhan Tanir, a Washington correspondant for a Turkish daily

@AkyolinEnglish — The english language feed of Mustafa Akyol,

@sebnemarsu  — New York Times Journalist Sebnem Arsu ‏

@Hugh_Pope —  The Turkey/Cyprus director of the International Crisis Group

@Endeavoring_E — Elmira Bayrasli, a blogger for Forbes, VentureBeat and others.

@SevincRende — An economist tweeting from the protests in Istanbul



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