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Antonio Banderas Joins the UN

You loved him in Philadelphia, saw his performance lacking in The Mask of Zorro,  now, Antonio Banderas will take on his next role: goodwill ambassdor for the United Nations Development Program.  From the UN News Center:

Mr. Banderas will advocate for the poor and push for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), eight globally-agreed targets with a 2015 deadline to halve world poverty, with a focus on Africa and Latin America.

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A Documentary on Human Rights Abuses in Zimbabwe that forced the Filmmaker into Hiding.

In 2008, a tribunal of the South African Development Community (SADC) ruled that the Zimbabwean government's policy of taking over white-owned farms was illegal. Despite the ruling, official harassment of white farm owners and the thousands of workers employed at their farms continued. This 25 minute film, titled "House of Justice," documents the farmers and farm workers struggle against the government of Zimbabwe. It also shows, in stark terms, how top government officials used torture to intimidate farm owners and their workers.

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Tony Lake Picked as UNICEF Chief

Secretary General Ban Ki Moon appointed President Bill Clinton's former National Security Adviser and Obama confidant Anthony Lake to be the next head of UNICEF. Josh Rogin reported a few weeks back that the Obama administration had nominated Anthony Lake for the spot. And since UNICEF chief is a job that typically goes to an American, it was all but assured that Lake would replace former Secretary of Agriculture Ann Venemen when her five-year term expires.