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Embedded With Afghan Civil Society – Part 6 – The Legacy of War Crimes

In May 2010, I was given the opportunity to accompany the Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization (AHRDO), an NGO that promotes human rights through arts and culture, as its staff conducted participatory theater workshops as psycho-social therapy and organized civilian war victims to take an active role in shaping the national debate over the government’s intention to negotiate with some of the insurgent factions currently battling Afghan and international forces.

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The Oil Spill Map To Watch

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just released this map of the Gulf. The bit inside the red lines is being shut down to fishing as of 6pm today. 

Presumably, with 19,000 additional barrels of oil spewing out of the ocean floor every passing day, that boundary will grow, and grow, and grow, and grow.If that were not reason enough to worry, hurricane season began yesterday.  

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Israeli Raid on Gaza Flotilla Not Much of a “Turning Point” in US-Israeli Relations

Last night, the United States agreed to the passage of a Security Council "Presidential Statement" on the violence aboard a Gaza bound flotilla raided by Israeli commandos.  Is this the "tipping point" in U.S.-Israel relations that Digby and other may have been predicting?  

The Security Council statement on Israeli peace flotilla raid Security Council seems to say three things. 

1) It condemns the raid. 

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Readout from the Emergency Security Council Session on Israeli Raid of Gaza Bound Flotilla

Last night, the Security Council issued a "Presidential Statement" on the incident aboard the a Gaza-bound humanitarian convoy that was poised to break the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza.  Ten people were killed in the raid and hundreds of nationals from Europe and Turkey (including several dignitaries) are being detained by Israel. 

The Security Council held an emergency session yesterday.  Judging from the readout, the session produced some very volatile moments.