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Haiti Earthquake: International Funding Still Short

The UN Office of the Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) just released the latest update on the flash funding appeal for Haiti.  If you'll recall, one week after the earthquake the UN launched and emergency flash appeal for $577 million.  Just about one month later, the appeal is nearly fully funded--it is only 4%, or $25 million, short.

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Will the Macedonian-Greek Naming Dispute Ever Be Resolved?

Of the panoply of disputes around the world today, perhaps none is more petty than the conflict over the name of a certain country that sits to the north of Greece, west of Bulgaria, south of Kosovo and Serbia, and east of Albania.  If you ask the UN, NATO or the International Olympic Committee, the name of that country is the "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia -- FYROM."  If you ask most of the inhabitants of this country, they would be happy to just go by "Republic of Macedonia." The problem is, the Greeks object.  "Macedonia," you see, is the name of a Greek province t

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Haiti, One Month Later

By Myriam Annette

The scale of the devastation in Haiti continues to shock me. One million people are homeless and food and water remain scarce. As we drive through Port-au-Prince, we see temporary camps covering every public square, park, soccer field and garden. Thousands of kids under the age of 5 are living in those camps. According to one report, more than 1 million children are now orphans.