Map of the Day: Pakistan Floods

Flooding in southern Pakistan over the past month has inflicted a huge humanitarian and economic toll. Close to 5 million people are affected and traditional donors are pretty much staying away.

Bolton V Bolton on Law of the Sea

The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea is one of those international treaties that the United States really ought to ratify.  Heck even John Bolton supports it. Or, at least he did.

“Faire accoucher la vérité par la seule force du dialogue”: la Commission dialogue, vérité et réconciliation débute son travail en Côte d’Ivoire

Lors d'une cérémonie sobre à Yamoussokro, la capitale politique de la Côte d'Ivoire, Alassane Ouattara a intronisé la nouvelle Commission pour le Dialogue, la Vérité et la Réconciliation, dont le mandat est de "panser les plaies" de la population ivoirienne, pour que le pays puisse avancer sereinement et en paix.

Grim Trends in Afghanistan Violence

More evidence that violence is on the increase in Afghanistan: according to the UN, the average monthly number of "security incidents" is nearly 40% above what it was last year at this time.  Also, in 2011 so far, there has been an average of 12 suicide attacks...per month.

Preventative Diplomacy and the UN (Video)

Though everyone was focused on the Palestine UN bid last week, the official theme of the UN Summit this year is "The role of mediation in the settlement of disputes by peaceful means." Another word for this is Preventative Diplomacy, which has been a new focus of the UN Department of Political Affairs.