Why Diplomacy is the Only Option for Syria

The Washington Post editorial board sneers at the current diplomatic efforts on Syria in a scathing unsigned editorial today. Of course, they do not suggest an alternative solution, other than an amorphous appeal for more "US Leadership."

Next Steps on Syria

What's most striking about the mass expulsion of Syrian diplomats from western capitals today is that it is happening at all.  If we are to draw a comparison to Libya: No Libyan diplomats were expelled during the height of Muammar Gaddafi's crackdown against rebels and peaceful protesters. Rather, they defected. En masse.

UN Peacekeeping Facts and Figures: Take the Quiz

Today is International Day for Peacekeepers, an annual UN affair in which we honor blue helmets around the world and remember their sacrifices.  I thought might be a good moment to trot out some facts and figures about UN Peacekeeping that the average reader may find...surprising, interesting, or make for good trivia.