Tenuous Negotiations Ahead of South Sudan Independence

With official independence for South Sudan a mere two weeks away, many displaced southerners are looking forward to returning home.  But the relationship between the government of the north in Khartoum and the government of the south in Juba has been a tenuous balancing act ever since the referendum on independence in January.

G8 And the Arab Spring

The erratic manner in which the uprisings in the Middle East and elsewhere are being dealt with indicate that politics and national interests have driven the agenda and outcome of the G8 summit rather than a genuine desire to support democratic movements.

The Capital Offense of Walking to Work in Uganda

Human Rights Watch yesterday released a report calling for an independent inquiry into recent killings in Uganda, saying unnecessary lethal force has been used in at least nine cases.  The fatal shootings, along with a large number of injuries and hundreds of arrests, are part of the government’s recent crackdown on public protests.